Massive Shop Update : photo, shipping cost, new products, projects...

Just a post to announce a big update of the shop :

Photo : A lot of the picture is not up-to-date in almost every product page, they are from older version that I don't sell anymore so I will update them and adding missing picture of variant.

FAQ : As I receive the same questions several time, I will add a FAQ page.

Warranty : I will officialy do a 1 year warranty, if your order breaking within the period, you just have to send me back the order to replace it for free.

Shipping costs : As I use Shopify for the shop and I live in Europe, shipping costs are difficult to manage for EU country, I can't create a zone so I have to add one country after another which take time, I will do it so EU resident will have lower shipping costs.

New products : I will add some well know console (that I forget to add when I strarted) and other obscure or shitty console and vintage computer.

Future projects : As the Commodore 64 power adapter will be available around the end of august, I have started other projects and I will most likely begin with a Philips CD-I 450 replacement power adapter.

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I will make one but I can’t give you any date because I have other projects before this one.

Retro Game Supply

Could u make one pls? I need one for some I am repairing.

Erik Jacob

I don’t have start design CDI-450 power supply at the moment.

Retro Game Supply

Do you have any CD-i 450 american PSUs?

Erik Jacob

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