Replacement power supply for Neo Geo CD and CDZ

Replacement power supply for Neo Geo CD and CDZ

Update 24/06/19 - And nothing new happen... Sorry. I had to pause the project for a long period of time. I had other priorities on the shop and other personnel project. I work a little on the power supply replacement solution but at the moment nothing I am satisfied about.

Update 29/10/17 - I decide to delay the power supply, I had to renew stock on several power supplies and I have no money left a the moment. I prefer slowing down in the 2 month left of 2017. I will keep this post update in anything new happen.

Update 11/10/17 - I had to scrap the plug completely to have a more easy-to-make plug, it was working but a pain to assemble if too many, I think I have find a good solution. It is not my main project and I have other spending at the moment but I will try my best to make the product available before the end of the year.


As a lot of people asking me about it, I announce that I'm already working on a replacement power supply for Neo Geo CD and CDZ.

The board is completed and I have choose the plastic case.

I just need to finalize the cable and the plug but it should be ok.

The product should be available this year.

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Great to hear there will be a psu for the neo geo cd. Will order as soon as ready!


I could also need one Neo Geo CD european power supply. Waiting to buy one from here soon. :)


The power supply is almost finished, I should start selling it this year.

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Hi , do you have a any power supply units for the neo Geo cdz?
I’m based in the UK

Kind regards


Rizz ahmad

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