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Power Supply Cable Adapter for Commodore 64 & 64C

Power Supply Cable Adapter for Commodore 64 & 64C

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Plug for 9V AC
5V Power Supply
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New Power Cable Adapter for Commodore 64 and 64C

    This cable adapter allow you to use a standard 5V power adapter and a 9V AC transformer to power on you Commodore 64.

    It work with every revisions and models of Commodore 64 on every regions of the world.

    Input Requirement:

    • DC 5V 2A min 4.0x1.7mm (Positive polarity)
    • AC 9V 1A min 5.5x2.1/2.5mm or 7 pin DIN (C64 power supply)

    I propose 5V 2A power supply but can be more powerfull (2.5A, 3A, 4A, ...) but it has to be regulated 5V and the plug is the standard 4.0x1.7mm. You can use an original Sony PSP power supply for example. If you want to buy one by yourself from Ebay or Aliexpress, choose a 2.5A or 3A model because most of the 5V 2A power supplies on these site are crap.

    Female 7 pin DIN : If you already own a C64 power supply, you can use it for the 9V AC.

    Female 5.5x2.1mm : If you don't own a C64 power supply, you can use for example the original Nintendo power supply from :

    • Nintendo NES (PAL)
    • Nintendo NES (NTSC)
    • Nintendo SNES (PAL)

    Check if the transformer you use, output AC voltage because DC voltage will not work for the Commodore 64.

    If you already use your original Nintendo PSU on your NES, you can replace it with a DC power supply because Nintendo hardware don't really need AC voltage and work perfectly with DC power adapter.